Our Meat

We set up Martins Meats in 2003 after spotting a gap in the market for locally produced meat in the restaurant trade. It was, in many ways, a natural extension of my family business of farming and livestock haulage. We have a great supply of the finest locally produced meat in Gloucestershire and it was frustrating to visit restaurants in our area and see beef, from Scotland, for example.

Having good links with local farmers through our family business we were able to source the meat not just from our farm, but from other farm assured farms in the area. We specialise in supplying high quality dry matured meat. Our beef comes from Longhorns, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and South Devon cattle which are hung for 28 days so the meat is tender and has an exceptional flavour. Our lamb comes from Texel crosses kept on our own farm and our pork is from Gloucester old spot pigs.

The business has gone from strength to strength and we are now supplying many of Gloucestershire’s finest restaurants as well as much further afield in London and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant in Cornwall. We have received recognition for the quality of our meat, winning numerous awards over the past few years, in particular the overall winner of the Diamond Awards in 2011 and 2014 and winning the Best Specialty Product in the South West at the widely acclaimed National Great Taste Awards in 2013 and 2015 with our 28 day aged longhorn sirloin steak.

Himalayan Salt Chamber Ageing

There are multiple benefits to using the salt chamber. Firstly the salt bricks help to draw the moisture out of the surrounding air and meat, pulling it to the ground which ensures less moisture and flavour are lost in the cooking process. Secondly the low humidity helps inhibit the growth of bacteria spores on the meat and finally the salt particles present in the air impregnate the meat creating a fantastic flavour

Cotswold reared Longhorn, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford Beef

In 2006, Heston Blumenthal carried out an investigation to which breed of cattle produced the best steak. He found Longhorn to be the clear winner. ” The Longhorn has it all for me, marvellous moisture and juiciness alongside a firm but giving texture”.

Our herd are the picture of health and happiness, grazing freely on our farm in the north Cotswolds. This stress free life results in the finest multi award winning beef.

Longhorn Rib of Beef

This “proper” Longhorn rib was extremely well-received. The marbling of juicy fat came in for particular praise, while judges also commented on the tenderness and flavour, assisted by plenty of fat running through the meat

Jacobs Ladder

With comments including “melt in the mouth” and “fat, fat, fat!”, the judges were clearly seduced by these beef short ribs, particularly the tenderness, the rich and long-lasting flavour and, of course, the covering of appetising fat.

Free Range Gloucester Old Spot Pork

All our pork is Free Range and from the rare breeds of Gloucester Old Spot or Middle White pigs sourced from farms in the North Cotswolds. The pigs are able to roam freely in a stress free environment which produces a more flavoursome meat. The meat is then dry aged in our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber for 6 days.

Gloucester Old Spot Spare Rib Pork Joint

“Top joint, great flavour”, was the conclusion about this “juicy” spare rib of pork. The veins of fat lend this joint moisture and depth of flavour but also a succulent melting texture. The Gloucester Old Spot breed also produces top-notch crackling.

Free Range Cotswold Lamb

All our lamb comes from our own farm, Hillview Farm, Gretton and farms in the North Cotswolds. It is dry aged on the bone for 10 -14 days in our unique Himalayan salt chamber. This draws the moisture away from the meat whilst the salt gently impregnates the meat, creating a salt marsh effect and producing a unique flavour.

Free Range Creedy Carver Chicken & Poultry

All Chicken and Poultry Products are Free Range and from Creedy Carver in Devon.

Situated in the stunning Devonshire countryside, Merrifield farm is located approximately 7 miles from Exeter. Peter and Sue have worked the 82 acre farm for over 20 years and have an unrivaled reputation as specialist producers of barn reared and free range ducks, whilst maintaining a compassionate approach to additive-free poultry production.

Their birds are fed a low density GM free, additive and antibiotic free diet to allow slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour. Birds are reared in small flocks to reduce stress and increase freedom. A simple diet, greater maturity and a natural environment produces a happier, better tasting chicken.