Longhorn Burgers

We have had so much positive feedback about our burgers, that we have decided to launch them as a product range in their own right!

Martin’s Finest Longhorn Beef Burgers are made from steak mince cut from our own Longhorn grass fed cattle. As the oldest breed of cattle, Longhorns are not cross bred or intensively farmed and produce a finer grained muscle in the meat and an intense marbling of fat which creates a succulence and flavour that is second to none. This is enhanced by our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber, where the meat is dry aged for 28 days, drawing out the moisture and enhancing the flavour.

The burgers are sold in packs of 4 4oz burgers and each pack contains individual sachets of Cornish Sea Salt. This is a unique idea we are promoting for a number of reasons. If salt is added before the cooking process, the beef will cure which will alter the taste and in addition we want to offer our customers the choice of not adding the salt for preference or health reasons.

Martin’s Longhorn Burgers are available to buy in supermarkets local to us and exclusively available to order on line. Watch this space as our dream is to see them in supermarkets nationwide!

Why not try our Longhorn Beef Burgers now!

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