Himalayan Salt Chamber Aged

Step 1 - Why Longhorn ?

Longhorn are Britain’s oldest breed of cattle and when establishing the herd in 2003, Martin was drawn to longhorns for a number of reasons.

They are beautiful looking cattle and their temperament is extremely docile which is a fantastic attribute when developing a herd. However, most importantly they produce the most outstanding, succulent and flavoursome meat. It is the marbling that is visible when cutting the meat that is mainly responsible for its succulence. Unlike other breeds that rely on excessive external fat formation before marbling takes place, the longhorn will achieve fantastic marbling without excessive fat. This is due to them not being cross bred or intensively farmed.

Step 2 -The Ageing Process

Having produced the best possible cattle, the next step in the process is to maximise and enhance this flavour and succulence.

Martin personally selects well marbled and fat covered carcases. These lend themselves really well to the ageing process. Once each carcase has passed this thorough selection process, they are then moved into our ageing fridge where they will stay for a minimum of 28 days. This dry ageing is important in two ways. Firstly moisture is evaporated from the muscle which results in a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste and secondly the beef’s natural enzymes break down connective tissue in the muscle which results in beautifully tender meat. During this process a natural crust forms on the outside of the meat which further enhances the flavour.

Martin likens the process to selecting a fine cheese, with the meat being encased in a beautiful layer of fat. The ageing process results in a deep ruby red coloured meat speckled with pure white marbled fat. Just like a perfectly ripened blue cheese.

Step 3 - The Himalayan Salt Process

We are one of only a few butchers in the country and the only one in the South West to age our meat in a Himalayan Salt Chamber. We have installed over 2,500 bricks in our ageing room, sourced from the Himalayan salt mines.

There are multiple benefits to using the salt chamber. Firstly the salt bricks help to draw the moisture out of the surrounding air and meat, pulling it to the ground which ensures less moisture and flavour are lost in the cooking process. Secondly the low humidity helps inhibit the growth of bacteria spores on the meat and finally the salt particles present in the air impregnate the meat creating a fantastic flavour

Once you have tasted our Himalayan salt beef, you will never want to buy anything else!