Our Fish

Fresh fish from Cornwall

The seas off the coast of Cornwall and Devon are considered to have some of the finest seafood available and are the richest fishing grounds in all of Europe – so what better place to call home for Martins Fish.

Richest fishing grounds in Europe

  • Daily Fresh Deliveries
  • Responsible Fishing Scheme

The pairing of two businesses which admirably compliment each other is a match made in heaven and means that we are now able to offer a fine service delivering the finest quality seafood in the country.

A fine and varied selection

We buy at the four major fish auctions across Cornwall and Devon; Newlyn, Looe, Plymouth and Brixham, Martins Fish is able to offer a fine and varied selection, whilst ensuring that all of our fish and shellfish is in pristine condition, ready to deliver to you from our custom built premises.


Sustainability is something very close to our hearts and we believe it is paramount to the future of our industries. Martins Fish is a keen supporter of the Responsible Fishing Scheme and The Cornish Good Seafood Guide both organisations exist to ensure sustainability and the future of the fishing industry and the communities which it supports across the UK.

It is an important consideration that we buy the majority of our fish from MSC approved fisheries and we are currently working closely with the Marine Stewardship Council to hopefully in the near future become just the second MSC approved fish merchant in Cornwall.

The bottom line

We understand the bottom line and we like to work hard with our customers to ensure that our fish represents real value for money, whilst the quality of our fish speaks for itself.

Call anytime of day or night and we will work hard on your behalf… …because that’s what we do!

To find out more email sales@martinsfish.com or call 01242 621493