About Us

Owned by husband and wife team, Martin and Emma Gilder, Martin’s Meats began it’s story back in 2003 when whilst beef farming, Martin’s passion for truly great beef led him to set up his own butchers where he could oversee the whole process from producing high quality rare breed cattle, using traditional  methods of ageing the meat, combined with new modern ideas from America of using pink Himalayan rock salt to produce the best possible tasting meat.

When Martin first began the business he worked tirelessly during the night and in his spare time. This has seen the business grow to present day where we now supply 230 restaurant and hotels, including businesses in Cornwall such as Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Watergate Bay and most of the premium restaurants in and around Cheltenham and the Cotswolds.

With Martin’s father and grandfather having been cattle farmers and dealers, the saying ‘it runs in the blood’ could never be more true. We are passionate about keeping every part of the process local. Our farm, Hillview Farm Gretton and the abattoir in Gloucester are all within a 10 mile radius of each other.

“From the time I learnt to walk I’ve been going to cattle markets and therefore I have developed a good eye. I was a cattle buyer at the age of 16, so I have always been able to spot good livestock and I still buy a lot of mine from fields in the Cotswolds in the traditional way.”

What makes us special ....

We use traditional breeds of cattle like Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and  in particular Longhorns which are Britain’s oldest breed of cattle. The reason why our beef is so good is because, unlike most large producers who use continental cattle which are intensely farmed and very lean, we use traditional breeds, which are not intensely farmed and have a much more succulent flavour and marbling in the meat, as well as a finer grain, all of which adds to the flavour and the tenderness of the meat.

In the media recently the shift in healthy eating advice has acknowledged that a certain amount of good saturated fat is actually good for you. In our Longhorn steak this good, white dry fat is clear to see in the fantastic marbling.

What makes us unique ....

Martin’s Meats is unique. We are one of the only meat producers in the South West and Midlands to offer Himalayan salt aged beef, lamb and pork, produced using our salt chamber.

We use Himalayan pink rock salt, which impregnates the meat and adds extra flavour. It also allows us to age the meat for up to 60 days for our ultimate cuts. We want to give our products a contemporary twist to ensure we still move with the times.

Ageing meat really went out of fashion in the 1950’s/60’s/70’s with the advent of mass production. We aim to bring it back!

We are very proud that the quality of our meat has been recognised in the numerous awards we have won, consistently winning gold and silver since 2009 in The Taste of the West Awards, silver in Britain’s Best Burger as well as the prestigious Great Taste awards where in 2013 we won the best product in the South West with our 28 day aged longhorn fillet steak.

“Over the past couple of years we have averaged four to five award winning products. We won best product in the Great Taste Awards, South West, 2013. Out of 10,000 products we got into the top 10 nationwide and then won our regional award. Plus there was only one other meat based product in the top 10 other than ourselves, so we could argue we’re the best meat producers in the UK!”