Christmas is a time for celebration with family and friends and what better way to do that than with a feast fit for a king!

All our turkeys are Free Range. This means they are reared in small flocks and can access open fields where they can exercise and forage in the grass for small bugs to supplement their grain fed diet. This produces meat with a higher level of omega 3 fat which has been shown to regulate cholesterol levels and improve heart health. The freedom these turkeys enjoy ensures less stress resulting in a more flavoursome and succulent meat. We use only hens as the female bird produces a more tender meat than the larger male.

Last orders for guaranteed Christmas Delivery Wednesday 18th December (delivered Friday 20th December)

Last orders for guaranteed New Year Delivery Friday 27th December (delivered Monday 30th December)

Below are a selection of family favourites as well as some of the all important trimmings!